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Provide Compassionate End-of-Life Care for You or an Aging Loved One

Dr. Bailey is certified in hospice and palliative care.  We are able to handle the process of face-to-face visits so you or your loved one will be eligible for home health or hospice care if needed. Let us help you or your loved one access a durable medical equipment including a wheelchair or a medical bed.


Palliative care is the kind of care for people with serious illness. It is different than care to curing your illness. Palliative medicine focuses on improving your quality of life, not just your body but your mind and spirit.  The kind of care you get depends on the kind of care you need.  Palliative care may help you and your loved ones understand your illness better and talk more openly about what your wishes are and  kinds of  treatment you may or may not want.  Dr. Bailey works very well with other providers and families in this regard.

The Idaho POST (Physician Order for Scope of Treatment) form ensures your life support, comfort, care, and resuscitation options are listed so that your preferences are honored at the end of your life. Detail your individual, end-of-life wishes and have them on record. If, for some reason, a loved one is unable to communicate their end-of-life wishes, these forms can more accurately help.

Be prepared by expressing your final wishes